1. What bus companies do you use, and do they have proper insurance?
Travel Servers uses three exceptional transportation companies; Gold Coast, Odyssey, Corporate Coach. Each company will gladly provide you with a copy of their current insurance policy.

2. What type of hotels do you use?
Travel Servers uses only three or four diamond, AAA rated hotels for all tours.Travel Servers selected hotels must meet rigid criteria to ensure our clients have the best experience possible. The relationships Travel Servers shares with our hotel “partners”, are stellar.

3. What separates your tour company from the others?
Travel Servers VPPS (Very Personal Professional Service) is our mainstay. Our response to our clients needs and requests is exceptionally prompt, and our comprehensive trip itinerary “crosses all the t’s, and dots all the i’s” to ensure complete “peace of mind”.

4. How long have you been in business, and why have you lasted?
Travel Servers started in 1980, and continues to grow yearly. We have lasted because our clientele enjoys our friendly business approach, and they have responded by continually sending referrals to us. You can’t buy that kind of advertising anywhere.

5. What are your policies regarding deposits, balance payments, cancellations, and rooming lists or manifests?  Depending upon the type of trip will determine the amount of deposit required. The balance is due 30 days prior to the date of arrival on overnight trips, and 10 days prior to the date of arrival for day tours. The rooming list/manifest must accompany the balance due payment. Presently, deposits and balances are payable by check only.

In the event a trip cancels, a cancellation fee amount will be noted in your contract and withheld from the remaining deposit refund. Notification of cancellation for overnight trips is 30 days prior to the arrival date, and 10 days prior to the arrival date for day tours. If cancellation occurs later than the
30 days or 10 days respectively, there is no deposit refund.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.