Sacramento, California’s state capital, is rich with the history of the state. Start with a tour of the beautiful State Capital building; stroll the Capital’s beautifully landscaped grounds; the black granite Vietnam Memorial is a poignant reminder of those who served, and sacrificed their lives. Old Town Sacramento is a step back to the 1800’s, and recreates the bustling time of this era. Restaurants, saloons, and “ten penny” stores share the cobblestone and wooden walkways. At sundown, a remarkable site every evening occurs; thousands of bats (non carnivorous), take flight from the rafters of the buildings in search of their primary foods, insects and fruits.

The Sacramento River, one of the principal transportation routes for California, offers scenic, historical narrated tours. If trains are a passion, the California State Historical Railroad Museum houses more than 20 restored locomotives and train cars in a depot like environment. Additional displays include murals, photos, and other train memorabilia, plus a film depicting America’s railroad history from 1860-1960.

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