Mammoth Mountain is one of the world’s premier ski/snowboarding destinations, and is named for the Wooly Mammoth that roamed this area during prehistoric times. Located five hours from Los Angeles, Mammoth is blessed with an annual snowfall over 400 inches, and frequently offers skiing/snowboarding through the July 4th weekend! Accommodations range from economical to luxury. Restaurants are top notch. The numerous bars are a great place to meet in front of their roaring fires, and catch up on the day’s snow activities.

When the snow leaves, the mountain opens to fabulous bike riding on its numerous trails. If golf or tennis is your calling, Mammoth has the best. The summer days are warm, and the evenings are cool. The fall foliage is as far as the eyes see, limitless browns, oranges, and reds. The year round “planetarium” in the sky is AMAZING!

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