Los Angeles

“The City of Angels” is multicultural, and unique having so many destination attractions within a city that accounts for 475 square miles!  Museums of every description; amazing theater and dance performances; shopping from bargains to extremes beyond anyone’s imagination; collegiate and professional sports teams; Los Angeles Zoo, one of the nation’s most regarded;  Hollywood, home to the stars and movie production; world class restaurants and clubs suited to every taste and “width” of wallet; exceptional golf, tennis, and other  recreational facilities.  All these and much more await, plus don’t forget the beaches and the amazing sunrises and sunsets over the waters of the Pacific.  Evenings have their own entertainment, as the skies fill with brilliantly shining stars.

Travel Servers “a day of adventure” offers your travelers the opportunities to experience numerous destinations and attractions in Los Angeles.  Some of Travel Servers most popular one day tours are:

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Travel Servers serves travelers just like gourmet food served on a “silver platter.”-Vince R.