Las Vegas

“You’re in Vegas, baby”! This saying is heard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Vegas is anything and everything. Magnificent five diamond hotels; premier dining by world acclaimed chefs and chef owners; nightclubs aka “Clubs” are worlds of creativity; gigantic showrooms feature headliner stars, and stage productions are beyond incredible;swimming pools are now destinations of fantasy; the world’s tallest ferris wheel rises over 500 feet in the air, offers dramatic views from the passengers sky bubbles, and takes over 45 minutes to complete the revolution; shopping is not shopping, it is name dropping; casinos are opulent palaces; the greatest light show on earth appears every evening from the Strip to Downtown; golf courses are constructed with a specific theme and named accordingly; tennis centers offer every type of playing surface. Who says, “dreams can’t come true?” “You’re in Vegas, baby!”

Travel Servers serves travelers just like gourmet food served on a “silver platter.”-Vince R.