Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is famous for its multiple colors of waters going to depths of almost two miles; snow capped peaks; world class skiing and snowboarding; every type of water recreation; golf courses that meander through the forests and front the shoreline of Lake Tahoe; casinos offer 24 hours excitement; gourmet dining features panoramic views of Lake Tahoe; bike touring is seemingly endless; and the Lake Tahoe Loop from shore to shore offers spectacular views of the lake and forests. Lake Tahoe is so vast, that the opposite shore is not visible. Lake Tahoe, something for everyone!

Scenic Lake Tahoe has three distinct colors of water; clear at the shore, darker blue in the middle, and almost black as you travel further out into its vast waters that connect South Shore with North Shore; a distance of 22 miles wide, 12 miles long, and reaches a depth of over one mile! The forests surrounding Lake Tahoe fill the air with the smell of fresh pines. Included is a narrated Lake Tahoe Cruise, the Lake Tahoe “loop” which goes from North to South Shore (the photo stops are incredible); a visit to the largest silver producing city in Nevada during the 1800’s, Virginia City, and Reno, “the biggest little city in the world”.

Looking for something different? Travel Servers offers a side tour including a buffet lunch to Mustang Ranch, one of Nevada’s oldest brothels!  The tour is professional, informative, and entertaining.

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Travel Servers serves travelers just like gourmet food served on a “silver platter.”-Vince R.