Carmel and Monterey

Carmel and Monterey are visited by tens of thousands every year. Whether it is for the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean; attending one of the celebrity golf/tennis tournaments; the Concourse d’ Elegance of Automobiles; a major art or music festival; viewing the magnificent Monarch butterflies during their seasonal migration; visiting the “hangouts” of legendary author, John Steinbeck; hoping to get a photo and autograph “op” with the frequently seen Honorary Mayor, Clint Eastwood; playing golf or tennis at some of the most picturesque settings in the world; or walking along the beaches lined with driftwood, this magnificent ocean front area has it all. The dining is five stars; the inviting “watering holes” are cozy; and the one owner coffee houses are brimming with great coffees, and freshly baked pastries.

Travel Servers serves travelers just like gourmet food served on a “silver platter.”-Vince R.