Arizona is a state where the topography changes from desert, to brilliant foliage, to deep canyons created by millions of years of erosion, to towering pines that shade the forests floors, and to massive lakes surrounded by mountains of colored rocks. The Grand Canyon, another of the seven wonders of the world, is the showpiece of Arizona.  Sculpted by the powerful Colorado River at its base, the 277 mile – long canyon is unbelievable to imagine, and even more unbelievable to view it from the Canyon’s South Rim.  The sunset experience is a memory never forgotten!

Oak Creek Canyon’s scenic route displays prominent buttes and pinnacles through the erosion process have created formations replicating various shapes.  The colors are vivid, and change as the sun’s light shines against them throughout the day.  The trees provide a green shelter in the Spring and Summer. In Fall, the leaves become a sea of reds, oranges, browns, and yellows. Sedona is the artist capital of Arizona.  It is fitting Sedona is the main town following the drive through the beauty of Oak Creek Canyon.  Sedona’s artists reflect many of the genres within the art world; painting, sculpting, jewelry, precious gems, wood, and metal.The galleries and shops are museum collections within themselves!

Lake Powell, measuring over 180 miles in length, is within both the borders of Arizona and a portion of Utah.  Lake Powell is a part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and was created as part of the Glen Canyon Dam project, one of the country’s largest dams that generate mega hydraulic power to cities throughout the West.  The Lake Powell narrated boat cruises winds through hidden canyons, sandy coves, and towering red cliffs.

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