Death Valley

DEATH VALLEY is the lowest elevation on earth, and is known for summertime temperatures exceeding 120 degrees daily!  Death came quickly for those brave, but not bright souls who ventured through this area on horseback or in a covered wagon.  Many were miners looking for precious gems embedded in the rocks.  Travel Servers tours to Death Valley are in late Fall, Winter, and early Spring.

The narrated Valley tour includes the Artist Palate where pastel colors reveal themselves at different times of the day; view the Pupfish living in less than 6 inches of water; and have preserved their specie for millions of years;  Zybrisky Point, Death Valley’s highest elevation offers commanding views of the Valley Floor; the Visitor Center at Furnace Creek Ranch displays numerous photos, mining equipment, and other items essential to the miners survival; Marta Becket’s Amargosa Opera House where Ms. Becket resided and performed ballet before audiences for over 60 years until her passing; and a ranger narrated tour of Scotty’s Castle, built by a wealthy Chicagoan in the 1920’s as his winter retreat.

Travel Servers always take care of everything for us, their prices are extremely fair, their service is beyond wonderful, and they are always responsive to my calls and questions.-Kristy M.